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mini rodini : ready for it!


まだまだ暑い日が続きますが、どのブランドも8月頃から秋冬商品のデリバリーに向けての準備が始まります。私達の大好きなパンダちゃんがシンボルでもある mini rodiniのデリバリーもあと少し。この秋冬のLOOKをみるだけで、ワクワクしますね。早くお届けしたいです!

our summer has just started, but from around August, every brands are starting to deliver the new autumn winter collection. mini rodini which using our favorite animal “PANDA” as their symbol is also ready for it. so exciting just looking at their LOOKBOOK. can’t wait to send this lovely brand to your town!